Dinner Seminars

Reserve your spot to attend an educational dinner! Join our team of wealth management experts at our weekly in-person seminars in South Florida.

Attend A Dinner Seminar

Maximize your assets and live out your retirement dreams!

Learn how to master the 5 pillars of wealth management: Portfolio Management, Retirement Planning, Tax Planning & Preparation, Insurance & Asset Protection Planning and Estate Planning.

What you'll learn:

  • Social Security Maximization Strategies
  • Tax Deferred vs. Tax Free Retirement Income Strategies
  • How To Guarantee Your Retirement Income Streams
  • Hybrid Long Term Care Strategies
  • Estate and Legacy Maximization
  • Strategies To Avoid Losing Money From A Market Crash

There are no upcoming events. Please check back soon!


Why we host over 100 dinner seminars every year in South Florida?

We strongly believe in client education. Increasing awareness of different retirement plan options is a large part of why we run more than 100 dinner seminars every year and maintain a large media presence throughout the South Florida area.

This learning approach makes us different than other companies - and our clients appreciate it. If nothing else, we hope to provide information that they are not likely to receive when disussing wealth management decisions with their accountant or banker. Ultimately, we set out to educate the South Florida community and beyond, helping families transform how they view their financial future.