Be Retirement Ready Process

To help you view your retirement planning strategy from every angle, we've created the "Be Retirement Ready Process™."

Portfolio Management

Stress Test (Market Crash Simulation)

Emotional Risk Tolerance Exam

Complete Hidden Fee Analysis

Active Portfolio Management

Diversified Asset Allocation

Morningstar Report

Retirement Planning

Required Retirement Savings Plan

Social Security Maximizer Analysis

Rental Property Income Analysis

Retirement Expense Plan

Income Gap Analysis

Annuity Analysis

Tax Preparation and Planning

IRA Conversions to Tax Free Accounts

Building Tax Free Income Strategies

1031 Exchanges with Real Estate

Taxable to Deferred Accounts

Maximize Interest Deductions

1035 Exchanges (Rollovers)

Estate and Legacy Planning

Controlling Assets After You're Gone

Pension/Social Security Maximization

Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts

Double Your Legacy Strategy

Using IRS Code 101a

Avoiding Probate

Insurance and Asset Protection Planning

Asset Protection from Healthcare Needs

Nursing/Assisted Living Facility Income

Healthcare Power of Attorneys

In-Home Healthcare Income

Long Term Care Policies

Medicare Planning

Personal Financial Coaching

Refinancing Analysis (10, 15, 30 years)

Credit Card/Debt Reduction Plan

Extra Mortgage Payment Analysis

Business/Selling Continuation

Property Profitability Analysis

Large Purchase Advice


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